Hints & Tips

Cleaning your computer’s screen

To clean a flat screen monitor you need to use special care as the screen is less robust than old CRT monitors and can scratch easily.  This also applies to the screen on a laptop.  First unplug the power supply, then lightly dampen a clean, soft, linf-free cloth with water or screen cleaner (never apply water or screen cleaner to the screen directly as it can drip inside and damage the electronics).  Wipe the screen gently wih a back and forth motion, never in a circle.  Wipe the display’s case with a non-abrasive, soft, dry cloth to pick up dust.  Take the following precautions to prolong the life of your flat screen – never tap or touch the screen with your pen, finger or other object as this can damage the pixles.  Also, never put sticky notes on your screen!