Hints & Tips

Cleaning your patio

A nice, clean patio is a great addition to a home, but you won’t be able to impress your guests with your patio if it’s dirty.  The best way to clean your cement patio and make it look like new is to use a power washer.  Pressure cleaning efficiently and thoroughly cleans a cement patio.  First, though, put on some sort of eye protection.  Turn the power washer on and  test it on a spot on the patio until you are comfortable with the feel of the  pressurized water spraying out.  Instead of randomly spraying spots clean with  the power washer, systematically clean the patio.  Start by washing a strip left  to right in the very back, and keep removing strip after strip until you are  done.  Where you start doesn’t matter as long as the side you end on allows the  water to flow right off the patio.  As you progress, there should be a definitive  line between where you washed and where you haven’t washed.  Once you finish  cleaning the last strip, check the patio for spots that were missed; go over  them again until they are clean.

Jet wash