Dry cleaning

What happens to your dry cleaning?

Initially, all garment’s care labels are checked along with the nature of the fibres before they are carefully inspected for stains and soiling and then categorised into appropriate colours.

Stains are pre-treated with pre-spotter soaps before dry cleaning.  There are different formulations for different stains and fabrics.  Garments with a mix of silk and or linen need more delicate formulations as they are more susceptible to colour loss because the nature of the fibres don’t absorb dye as readily as other fibres.

All items are dry cleaned in Perchloroethylene (de-greasing) with a dry cleaning soap which removes water soluble soiling and a retexturing agent to add softness and body back in to the garment.

After cleaning, items will be gently steamed and hand finished, on a Hoffman style press.